Diversify In Path

Season 2 Finale

July 01, 2022 Season 2 Episode 19
Diversify In Path
Season 2 Finale
Show Notes

Hi friends, This is Dr. Michael Williams and welcome to the season 2 finale of the diversify in path podcast. 

This podcast explores how investing in diversity can lead to a high return in investment in pathology and laboratory medicine by learning from the knowledge and experiences of diverse voices within our field.

I wanted to start off by thanking all the guests that gave their time and stories to make season 2 a success! I also wanted to take time to share something I have learned over the past 6 months which is that we have to be aware of our strengths; we are all capable of amazing feats but we shouldn’t try to be perfect. We do the best we can on a day to day basis and should always uplift those around us. 

So lets get back to Season 2

Dennis Strenk talks about the value of allyship within and outside of medicine towards collagues and friends while Dr. Dan Milner shares a small insight about his experiences as a gay male in medicine.  Dr. Ryan clark sheds light on disability bias in medicine while Drs. Cardwell, Reynolds and Fitzhugh discuss the adversities of being black physicians in medicine.

Dr. Onyenekwu shares her insights of what its like to start another residency after being an accomplished physician while Dr. Tafe highlights the importance of mental health during medical training and beyond.

We also have the privilege of having Dana Baker on who discusses why DEI is important in the laboratory setting while Dr. Brian Adkins shouts out advocacy for the LGBTQ+ community within the realm of transfusion medicine.

Dr. Akisha Glasgow shares her experiences and fears of her husband being pulled over by law enforcement while she was a trainee

Dr. Steven Smith  and Dr. Jorge Novo discuss about the value trainees can bring to pathology education

Drs. Joye Carter and Ken Obenson discuss the  value forensics has at the intersection of race and public health

Dr. Greta evaristo talks about the duality of being mixed heritage .