Diversify In Path

Season 1 Finale

December 23, 2021 Season 1 Episode 21
Diversify In Path
Season 1 Finale
Show Notes

Hi everyone, This is Dr. Michael Williams and thank you for listening to season 1 of the diversify in path podcast

I wanted to do a short solo episode marking the end of season 1 to thank every single one of you for taking the time out of your busy schedules to listen to the beautiful and inspiring stories that make up this podcast. 

When I first started this ambitious endeavor, I had only envisioned doing 10 episodes yet continued past that self-imposed limit and , like you my lovely audience, stood witness about the amazing triumphs and personal stories of these pathologists. One of the main goals is having you, the listener, be a fly on the wall and hear conversations that might not be had so openly and candidly 

Episode 0 acts as the prologue to this journey by telling the audience and the world about starting a podcast.

Episode 1 with Dr. Nicole Jackson was my first ever interview and also quiet nervously a major foray into editing a podcast episode. Her passion and openness about diversity and her life journey taught me that we continually evolve especially during a time period where multiple pandemics are coming to light

I was so eager to continuing hearing stories and enjoyed the learning along! Episode 2 With Dr. Bettie Yeboah taught us that picking amazing twitter names can possibly help non pathologists gleam a portion of our multifaceted field. Episode 3 with Dr. Marcos Lepe  and episode 8 with Dr. Sara Jiang taught us about the importance of culture and identity.. along with always having hot sauce anywhere you go 

Dr. Eddie Lee (episode 4) shared with us the importance of speaking up against Asian hate with Dr. Syed T Hoda in episode 5 teaching us to always be prepared for any situation, especially sitting under a bunkbed

Words of encouragement and empowerment is also a theme shared from my guests, whether it be Dr. Ryanne Brown (episode 6), Dr. Evita Henderson-Jackson (episode 9) or even being able to attain the American dream eloquently expressed by Dr. Michael Arnold (episode 12).

We delved into the beautiful complexities of sexuality with Dr. Alcino Gama (episode 7) and gender identity  with Dr. Carlos Perra-Herran (episode 16). The discussion of straightening black hair for interviews to seem less threatening was fastidiously and passionately by Dr. Ashley Holloman (episode 10) along with navigating pregnancy in medicine which was discussed by Dr. Mariangela Gomez (episode 13). 

Going for one’s passion is something we may forget to do while training or working in the medical field but we often forget we have more to offer while also helping patients. Dr. William Humphhrey (episode 11) discusses his joys with writing while Dr. Terri Mason (episode 17) proudly champions for mental health.

Lest we forget the amazing voices of Dr. Ansley Scott (episode 14) who shares an encounter during training which emboldens her to fight for the best for her patients and Dr. Kisha Mitchell Richards (episode 15) who encourages leadership and finding a work life balance that’s best for you.


My last two episodes feature Dr. Andrea Deyrup who uses experience, wit, intelligence and the search for truth in her race in Medicine series and grand rounds and Dr. Sirintrapun (episode 19) who shares his experiences being Asian but also elements of great leadership .


Well, I guess that’s it for now Thank you all so so much  my dear audience and cant wait to see you all for season 2 as we hear more stories about diversity in pathology and continually ponder ways on how we can all diversify in path ! smooches