Diversify In Path

Episode 18: Andrea Deyrup MD PhD

December 09, 2021 Season 1 Episode 19
Diversify In Path
Episode 18: Andrea Deyrup MD PhD
Show Notes

Hi friends, this is Dr. Michael Williams and welcome to another episode of the diversify in path podcast. This podcast explores how investing in diversity can lead to a high return of investment in pathology and laboratory medicine by learning from the knowledge and experiences of diverse voices within in our field. 

 My next guest is Dr. Andrea Deyrup

Dr. Deyrup received her undergraduate degree from Princeton University in the Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology in 1991 before joining the University of Chicago for her Ph.D. (Pathology, 1997), M.D. (2000) and residency (Anatomic Pathology, 2000-2003). She completed her formal training in soft tissue pathology at Emory with Dr. Sharon Weiss and joined the faculty there in 2004. She has published extensively in the field of soft tissue and bone pathology.

Since 2015, Dr. Deyrup’s career has focused on medical education. At that time, she joined the faculty of the Duke Pathology Department as Course Director of the first-year medical school pathology course; in January of 2019, she was named the Director of Undergraduate Medical Education for the Pathology Department. She also serves on the Undergraduate Medical Education Council for the Association of Pathology Chairs, participated in the 2020-21 Duke Teaching for Equity Fellows Program and was a member of the Duke School of Medicine Health Professions Anti-Racism Task Force.  

Dr. Deyrup is one of the co-editors of the new Robbins Pathology textbook, Essential Pathology and of the upcoming 11th edition of Robbins Basic Pathology

Dr. Deyrup is actively committed to antiracism efforts and to improving discussion of health disparities in medical education 

Twitter: @ATDeyrupMDPhD
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_C1NfzSg96ybalbjl8XydA
Website: https://www.pathologycentral.org/